THE INVESTMENT EXPERIENCE OF THE LIGHTHOUSE TEAM spans more than four decades of private capital investment in Canada and the United States. Our team’s expertise extends across traditional and innovation-driven industries and we have worked across the private capital spectrum from private equity, to mezzanine investment, to venture capital.

Lighthouse was formed to focus our experience, capital, and network of resources on profitable, entrepreneurial businesses with exceptional growth potential based in Western Canada and the Western United States.

Our private equity investments typically involve the buyout of a majority equity stake and a strong, aligned partnership with company leadership teams. Our focus is on shared success that comes from driving growth.

Like the teams we partner with, we too are entrepreneurs and business builders. Lighthouse is funded with long-term capital commitments from the firm’s Managing Partners and a network of Investment Limited Partners who are among the most successful, self-made business people in Western Canada.

Lighthouse brings capital, a network of resources and relationships, and strategic insights acquired across numerous businesses and industries, to every business we invest in. And every management team we partner with.

We are actively investing in Western-based businesses that are profitable, seeking full or partial stakeholder liquidity, and see opportunities to drive to the next level of growth with the right investment partner.

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